10 things

10 Things I Love To Do And Learn:
Hanging out with friends

10 Things Your Good At:
Long distance running
Making videos
Being organised

10 Things I Wonder:
Will I ever play AFL
Will I ever win an AFL grand final
what will be on my bucket list
How old will I be when I die
I wonder when the world will end
I wonder what I will do when I am older
I wonder what car I will have
I wonder if I will have kids
I wonder if I will get married
I wonder when the sun will stop burning

100 word challenge

Its far to hot. It was the middle of summer and it was almost 45* we couldn’t go to the local pool was closed due to renovations.  But even worse there was nothing to watch but those boring old western shows. So I thought I might as well put those spare party ballons to good use but whe no got to the tap the worst possible happened nothing came out not even a single drop of water that means there is nothing to drink but milk and really strong disgusting juice and definitely nothing to do. Its just far too hot

once by Morris Gleitzman.

Hey everybody whats up! we have just been reading once by Morris Gleitzman.

I was shocked when I found out that his parents weren’t dead but he was in an orphanage, but then I realised it was set when WW2 so his parents could have been in the war as a nurse and a soilder.

And it was easy for us to get a picture to get of the orphanage because we have on right next to our school.

So far it is a great book so let me know if you have read it and what you think about it?


My First Post


My name is Zack and this is my first ever post on this blog. So I might as well tell you what I like; Dogs.fish.beach.sunny days,sport,video games,swimming,pizza,fishing,food,lollipops,choclate,cake,ice cream,fruit and playing with mates. I also should tell you about my family I have 2 dogs a mum a dad and a sister. I would love for you to reply by telling me what you enjoy doing.