My First Post


My name is Zack and this is my first ever post on this blog. So I might as well tell you what I like; days,sport,video games,swimming,pizza,fishing,food,lollipops,choclate,cake,ice cream,fruit and playing with mates. I also should tell you about my family I have 2 dogs a mum a dad and a sister. I would love for you to reply by telling me what you enjoy doing.



3 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Well done Zack! It was a great idea to ask people to leave a comment for you. I enjoy running, travelling and reading 🙂

  2. Hi Zack,
    I like your blog. I love family holidays at the beach, playing family card/board games, going to the movies, hosting dinner parties & dancing badly to loud music! 🙂

  3. Hi Zack, it’s great to be your Dad, I’m very proud of your efforts with all your sport and getting the auslan award. I also think it’s fantastic that you are earning some cash with your initiative. Love Dad

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